Library Procedures

Library Procedures and Policies



Miss Anna McGuire, BA, MS
Library Media Director


Hours of Operation

M-W & F: 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
TH: 7:50 AM - 3:00 PM

While students may come down anytime, with teacher permission, they may also come down during passing time and will be given a pass to class.  If a student feels like s/he can't come down to the library, please let Miss McGuire know!

Behavior Expectations in the Library

As in all other areas of the school, students should:

  • Follow directions the first time given.
  • Respect all people and all property.


Poster Board and Earbuds

Poster board may be purchased in the library in a variety of colors for 50¢ per sheet.  Earbuds may be purchased for $1.00.

Book Checkout Procedures and Overdue Fines

  • Students may check out at least three books at time.  Students may check out more books if their library account is up to date (no fines and no overdues).
  • Books check out for three weeks.
  • Students are assessed fines for late books at 10¢ per day.
  • Students have a three day grace period, during which time they can return books without being assessed a fine.
  • If a student is absent s/he may let the librarian know and no fine will be assessed for days students are absent from school.
  • Fines may also be worked off in the library, except in cases where the fine is on an Interlibrary Loan book (see below).
  • Students may renew books as many times as they wish, unless the book has a hold on it (see below).


Book Return Procedures

Students may return books at any time. They should put books in the return slot at the Circulation Desk. They may also be returned in the main office.

It is the individual student's responsibility to return books on time.  Due dates are usually stamped inside the cover.  However, if a student didn't have the book with him/her when s/he renewed it, it may not have the correct date stamped.  Students may always stop by and ask when their books are due and they can also log in to their library account and check their due dates online.  Students should always return or renew books before the due date!


Renewing Books

Renewing a book is like checking it out again. It gives the student three more weeks. Renewing a book keeps students from getting overdue fines, so remember to renew!  Students do not need to have the book with them in order to renew.  If there are any holds on a book, students will not be able to renew the book.  If the student has no overdue books and has no fines, s/he can renew their library books online.


Placing a Hold

Students may wish to check out a book that is already checked out to another student. They may get in line for that book by placing a hold. Students simply request a book by letting the librarian know or students can also place their own holds online. Placing a hold on a book keeps other students from being able to renew the book. When possible, the librarian will purchase another copy of the book for every five holds placed by students.


Interlibrary Loan Books

Students have access to books at most of the Livonia Public School Libraries. This is called an Interlibrary Loan (or ILL). Students simply request a book by letting the librarian know or students can also place their own holds online. If the student wishes to check out a book that is only available at the high school level, s/he must bring a note in from his/her parent(s) stating that s/he has permission to do so.  Fines on ILL books cannot be worked off, as the fine goes to the lending library.  We also can borrow books from the public library.  These can only be requested through the librarian and also requires a permission slip.

Lost/Damaged Books

Students will be charged the cost of the book in cases of lost and/or damaged books. They will not be charged any additional late fines.