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Hello!  I am the Special Education Department Chairperson at Emerson Middle School.  I have the pleasure of working with your son/daughter and my goal is to support your son/daughter so that they may have a successful middle school experience.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Special Education.


1st- Resource Room liaison
2nd- Mathematics 7+ with Mr. Colling
3rd- Resource Room
4th-Mathematics 7+ with Mrs. Greig
5th-Mathematics 7+ with Mr. Colling

*Students assigned to the Resource Room for a Study Skills period, will receive daily points based on journal completion, organization, behavior and staying on task.  Any student using the Resource Room is expected to come prepared with all materials, (including planner, writing utensils and classroom assignments.)
Contact Information: email: 
734.744.2665  ext. 36063 (Resource Room)

I have the pleasure of working with students and developing/enhancing their leadership skills! Student Council will meet once a month and it is a volunteer Student Council!  We are always looking for new ideas and community service projects to become involved with.  Feel free to contact me anytime!  My conference is 6th hour and our meetings are held after school on a Wednesday.

Contact Information: 734.744.2665  ext 36038 (Student Activities) 

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