Be a Good Digital Citizen
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Livonia Public Schools

Social Media Guidelines for Students


Livonia Public Schools’ Shared Vision describes a school district where we "respect, value, empower and trust one another" and where we want students to be "persons of character who are contributing members of society and life-long learners."

As 21st Century learners, Livonia Public Schools students are not only held to high academic standards, they’re also expected to be positive digital citizens in their online activities. The following social media guidelines empower students to leave a positive digital footprint -- one they can take pride in now and in their futures.

Because, it matters…

Be empowered. Share your ideas and talents. Amaze the rest of the world.

Be respectful. Follow the school’s Code of Conduct while online. It is acceptable to disagree with someone’s opinions; however, do it in a respectful way. If it’s inappropriate in the classroom, it’s inappropriate online.

Be aware. Make smart choices. Always keep your safety and the safety of others in mind when posting online. Your posts leave a digital footprint for all to see. Your posts can be shared and spread in ways you never intended.

Be safe. Never give out personal information. Use good judgment and common sense. Regardless of your “privacy” settings, assume everything you share is public information.

Be thoughtful. Take an extra moment to think before you post. Is it something you'd be prepared to defend tomorrow, in person?

Be kind. Life is too short for wasted anger. The written word has a permanence the spoken word may not. Do not let a moment of anger become a hurtful situation that lasts a lifetime.

Be reasonable. Tone and intent can be misinterpreted online. Take the extra moment to make sure that you understand what the other person meant, not just what they wrote.

Be authentic. Do not represent yourself as the creator of work you didn’t create. Research conducted via the Internet should be appropriately cited, giving credit to the original author. It is a violation of copyright law to copy and paste someone else’s work. Images may also be protected under copyright laws. Verify you are using royalty-free or Creative Commons materials.

Be inquisitive. The landscape of social media is always changing. Stay ahead of the changing trends to make sure that these guidelines are a beginning, not an ending.

Be yourself. Genuinely represent yourself in public in a way that you will be proud of today, tomorrow, and every day down the road. Leave a positive impression in all respects.

It matters…. Be a good digital citizen!