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Digital Literature Information for Parents

Digital Literature Resources

Welcome to the Digital Literature Guide for Emerson Middle School

The following information is provided for parents to learn more about the various digital literature resources that are provided by Emerson Middle School.  Included for each resource is:

  • name of the resource,
  • how the materials are selected,
  • which grade levels have access, and
  • how parents can access the resource (usually through the students' account).

For most of the resources, content is organized into categories based on a range of grade levels.  For example, Grades K-4 or Grades K-6.  Parents are encouraged to review these resources with their students.


  • Grade Level Availability identifies which grades have access to the resource.
  • Grade Band Limited Access means the resource limits a student's access to materials within a specified grade level, such as K-4, 5-6, K-6, etc.

District-Wide Digital Resources, including Follett, Sora and MeL may also be utilized by Emerson students. 


Grade Level Availability: 5-8          Grade Band Limited Access: Yes

Open eBooks is a program that offers free ebooks to students attending eligible schools, working under the Department of Education’s Title 1 program.  The book collection is curated by specialists from the New York Public Library.  The collection is divided into three collections: early grades, middle grades, and high school.  A school’s media specialist can provide a student with an access code upon request.  This code will only grant access to the age appropriate collection for that student.  Upon parent request, an all-ages collection can be made available that contains the entire K-12 grade level collection. 

If you are looking for other resources for independent reading or learning, please reach out to your school librarian.